Ann Marie and I Consign Mine

I discovered consignment stores and sales shortly after my oldest son was born in 2002 when I became a stay at home mom.  I was quickly bitten by the bargain bug!  I saw the value in shopping for gently used items.  I began consigning my own items in 2004 when my second son started outgrowing his brother’s hand me downs. 

Holding a degree in Marketing and Finance along with 15+ years in Retail and Human Resource Management experience, I figured running a sale was something I could do!  In 2006 I partnered with a friend who owned Duluth Kids Sale, which then merged with Perimeter Clothing Sale.  After 3 sales, I had acquired the business and a new sale was born.  It has truly become a labor of love!   

I began this journey because it offered me the opportunity to work and still be home with my children.  The friends I’ve made over the course of time in this business have been one of the most fabulous perks of running my sale.  This is much a business to me as it is a ministry to the community.

It is my desire to keep this sale manageable in size so that we can remain personal but still offer an amazing number of fabulous deals.  I pride myself on knowing my consignors by name, as well as many of our regular shoppers, and providing excellent communication throughout the consigning process.  I especially love new moms and new consignors to join us.  It is my pleasure to guide them in their first experience with consigning.

I seek to partner with Non-Profits as to benefit as much of the community as we can.  All of our item donations after each sale go to local charities.   Some of the agencies we’ve been able to assist include, but are not limited to, Norcross Cooperative Ministries, Foster Care Agencies, Promise 686, A Beacon of Hope and Wellsprings.  Funds that went to hosting church have also helped offer scholarships to teens for mission trips as well offset costs for Vacation Bible School programs.

With God’s grace I can continue to do what I love with people I love.  I am truly blessed!

 Ann Marie Burnett