How does it work?

You prepare and bring your items in, ready to sell, and we do the rest!  Register thru our online links.  Choose a unique seller number.  Collect your items that you want to sell and input item information into our online tagging system at your leisure at home.  Print tags and pin them to individual items.  Drop prepared items off to us at your designated drop off time and we sell them!

Why should I consign with Babies, Kids and Teens?  

We pride our sale on being the most friendly, organized and fun sale!  We also have a very successful sell thru rate on merchandise brought in.  We offer you the opportunity to have the highest % and $ earned on your sales.  We communicate effectively with our sellers and update your sales daily for you to view progress.  We are also happy and eager to help new sellers with the process.

Where do I sign up?

Follow this link to our online registration process.

Do I have to be at the sale or volunteer?

You are only required to drop off items at your chosen scheduled time and pick up unsold items during a specified time.  You are not required to be present at the sale unless you want to shop!!  However, by volunteering you can earn a greater % on your sales and shop earlier than those that don't volunteer.

Are you Non-Profit?

We are not non-profit.  We partner local charities with our end of sale donations.   All donated items at the close of the sale go to local charities including, but not limited to, Norcross Cooperative Ministries, Foster Care Agencies, Promise 686, A Beacon of Hope and Wellsprings

Do you accept / sell Maternity or Women's clothing?

No. Our largest size range is Juniors.

How do I price my items?

Click HERE for help on pricing.

How many items can I consign?

You can consign a maximum of 200 Items.  

What happens to my unsold items?

Unsold items are available for pickup on Saturday between 4:30 and 5:30pm. Any remaining merchandise not picked up by the end of the pick-up period will become the property of I Consign Mine and will be donated to charity.

What is a print code and how do I get one?

If you have accessed your account thru the links on THIS site, you will not be prompted for a print code.  Therefore, we do not publish or give you a print code.  Simply log in thru our site and you will not need one.

The sale has LOCKED and I still have items to enter/transfer.  What do I do?

Once the sale is locked, no more items can be entered, edited or transferred.  Anything not yet input into your account should not be brought to the sale.  We do not accept hand written tags or tags from another sale that have not been transferred over to our sale.  If you do not have enough entered to warrant participating in the sale, please notify us asap.

Can I make hand changes to my tags?  I have items from previous sales and now want the price/discount/ donate fields to be different.

No.  Once a tag is printed, it will only ring up the way it was coded to scan, regardless of any hand made changes.  If you hand mark changes to your tag when it's coded otherwise,  it will NOT scan the way you've marked it.  This could cause a chain reaction of corrective procedures in the check out process slowing the lines down considerably as well as adding a lot of room for error.

How do I find out if an item has been recalled?

We have partnered with We Make It Safer.  Click HERE to check for recalls.

Where, when and how do I drop off my items?

Once you have registered you will choose a time to drop off your items from the schedule available thru your account.   Plan to carry your items into the hall and spend at least 20 minutes to have your items checked and put them out. You are responsible for placing them on the sales floor.  We try to assist you in putting items out, but cannot guarantee we will have time to do so. 

When will I receive payment for my sales?

Checks are usually received within 1 week of the sale closing.

What is the fee to participate?

The standard registration fee is $10.00.   

How do you want pants hung?

Pants should be pinned to the top of a wire hanger or on a clip hanger, do not fold them over the hanger.  Tag goes on upper right side of garment when looking at the item with the hanger facing left like this

What payment methods are accepted at the sale?

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.  There is a $1.00 service fee for all card transactions.

What percentage of the sale does the consignor receive?

Consignors earn 66% (2/3) of the selling price.  Volunteers can earn up to 80% plus a return on their registration fee. See Volunteer page for more details.

Do you issue tax receipts for donated items?

Yes, we will provide you with a donation receipt upon your request.

Do you have a minimum allowable selling price?

Yes, the lowest allowable selling price is $2.00.   Items should be bundled if they would fall below that amount on their own.

Are there limits on any item categories?

Yes.  Due to space availability and historical sell thru data please abide by the following:

1.  No more than 30 clothing items 0-24 months range per gender, per seller.

2.  No more than 15 pairs of shoes per seller.

3.  JUNIORS - no more than 30 items of clothing per seller per gender. MUST be no older than last season.  NO GIRL clothing above size JUNIOR 15.  Any items not fitting these descriptions will be pulled from the floor.

Where do the donations from the sale go?

All of our item donations after each sale go to local agencies.   Some of the agencies we’ve been able to assist include, but are not limited to, Norcross Cooperative Ministries, Foster Care Agencies, Promise 686, A Beacon of Hope and Wellsprings