Tagging and Printing

Once you have registered for the sale, you may begin entering your information to create a tag for each of your items.


The deadline for data entry is FIRM.  The time and date will be communicated to every seller many times.  When the sale "LOCKS" you CANNOT add any more items, edit previously entered items, or transfer items from another sale.  You CAN continue to print tags and prepare your items for drop off.

You MUST access your account through this website in order to PRINT YOUR TAGS.

Preparing for Tagging and Data Entry

You Tube videos with helpful info! Click Here


Entering items  into the system

1. Log in in with your username and password, select a sale.

2. Click on Enter Items

3. Enter Your first item: Your Consignor ID is also your Seller Number

4. Under Consignment select the appropriate sale.

5. Price: No prices under $2 .  Price to the nearest .50 increment.  Bundle items together if necessary.   See our pricing page for more information.

7. Discount: Check the box if you want your item to sell for 25% and 50% off on Friday and Saturday. 

8. Donate: Check the box if you want the item donated if it doesn't sell. Yes, will indicate that you want us to donate the item on your behalf.

NOTE: All items MUST be picked up on Saturday or they will become the possession of our sale and may be donated.

9. Select the Size of your item if applicable (there is a "blank" choice).

10. Brand Name: Note it here.

11. Description: Sell Your Item! What is it? Notes to make in this field are: New or Like New, item is marked one size by wears like another; for larger items, list the item's original or retail price so the buyer will see the bargain! This area also helps us match up tags that come off item.

12. Choose a category for your item from the drop-down menu. Please be sure to note the Junior option!

13. Power tagging:  Use this option to generate multiple tags with the same information for duplicate items such as books, videos, sleepers, etc. that you choose not to describe further. Every item will have it's own unique barcode for inventory management and sales tracking.

14. Select Add Item. Your tag has been saved to your account and you may continue this process for remaining items. Each item MUST have a unique tag, do not copy them.

15. Enter some or all of your items at once or at your convenience. You may edit entered items if you make an error.

16. Print your tags as you choose, all at once, as you go or whenever you want. DO use NORMAL quality NOT BEST when printing tags.

17. Make a new tag if you need to change anything on a tag that has already been printed, no handwritten changes.

18. Be sure items are hung correctly and tags are in correct location on item.