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Can I volunteer if I don't consign?

Absolutely!  Volunteering for a 3 hour shift will get you earlier  Pre Sale Shopping!

What perks do Volunteers receive? 

  • 1 three hour shifts = earn 70%  on sales and volunteer  presale shopping

Can I bring my child(ren) with me when I volunteer?  

Our sale gets very busy!  We need every volunteer's full attention to be focused on the sale, shoppers and merchandise.  Therefore, we do not allow children to accompany a volunteer on  their shift.

How do I sign up for a volunteer shift?

Click Here to VOLUNTEER

Why should I volunteer?

We have a lot of fun!  By volunteering for one 3 hour shift you get to shop before those that consign but do not volunteer as well as before the general public and increase your earnings from 66% to 70%! 

What will I be doing when I volunteer?

On days that we receive items, you could be assisting consignors check in, organizing and putting items on the sales floor or helping with quality control.  During the sale days it's all about helping the items sell.  Shoppers need help in finding items, keeping their hands free to select more items, damage control (organizing, straightening, etc).  At check out our volunteers help with ensure everything is rung up correctly and accurately.   Saturday sort and check we sort all the remaining items back out by seller number and then double check our work.  Expect to be on your feet and where comfortable clothes.

Are there any volunteer opportunities where I would NOT be required to be at the sale?

There are behind the scenes opportunities available that help our sale run smoothly; passing out fliers, providing snacks/waters for volunteers, helping with signage, etc.  We  have limited spots and these are offered on a personal request basis.  Please contact us if interested.

Can my mom come and work a shift with me?

Yes.  If a friend wants to come work with you, they can register as a volunteer and also earn pre-sale shopping privileges.

What if I can't make my shift?

A great deal of planning goes into our sales.  A volunteer commitment should not be taken lightly.  Please do everything you can to find someone to help you fulfill your commitment and let us know ASAP.

Do you provide food and drink for your Volunteers?

We will have bottled water and limited light snacks.  Please plan ahead if you are working a double shift or anticipate needing more than what is provided.